I want to be a teacher

well I want to me a teacher because I want to be a good teacher but I have to try harder to be a teacher like be good kind respect to my class and don’t be a bully but when I be a teacher I can be kind to the kids and be nice to them and when i grow up I can be a good lady but I can’t be a bully and I want to show the kids how to do art drawing colouring  and a good teacher the end.

when I grow up…..

When I grow up I want to be a script writer for t.v shows because reading and writing is my favourite thing to do in school, when I was nine I was dreaming to be a script writer, I watch t.v in the mornings and see how they talk and speak, that’s what I love about t.v but the most important part I like about there speaking is how they pronounce there words, and I hope my script writing dream will come true.


When i grow up i would lik to be a air boarder but if that dont if that dont end up well i would like to be a stage director.

I would like to be an air boreder so i could travel the world and i always wanted to travel the world because i would want to see many dirffernt places  and also see many dirffrent animals.

But i would also want to be a stage director because it sounds cool and i would want to have lits of fun while doing my job careers when im older


well i just took three quizzes for my careers in the future and it came up with something that I never ever had thought of and its a really amazing job which is a “performer” yaaaaaaaaaaay ( jokes ). Well my second was an amazing job ;) was an architect woohoo and my last job was an amazing job like serious it was an cop. Amazing right

I want to be a artist

I want to be a artist because i want to create something that has never been created before. I like drawing because all the wonderful patterns come out. It’s funny because I can hardly draw things but im hanging in there. My dad is a artist i wish his skills would run into me. It’s cool how my friends and family dont mock it. When i draw it is like something special is in me.My mind is clear and all it think about is something to draw.


My career.

I don’t want to be a dumb person & have no job. If i get a job I want to be a chef not a police lady.I really like drawing because its cool and then you can show people what you can draw , if i was to be a police lady and i shot someone i dont wont to do that , that is so bad but drawing is alot different ,and if people said i shouldve been a police at least i know what i shouldve choosen. And when i draw and i draw ugly and people start moking me i really dont care cause im only a begginer.


So i took three quizzes or more and it came up with three diffrent carrers like a Teacher,visual and Performing Arts Careers and a beauty therapist. there all really good careers but theres two that i really like that is a teacher and a beauty therapist, i like to teach other people and beauty therapist they do your nails and other stuff but i like being a teacher i would really like to be one when i grow up.

:(the end :)

My possible career :)

My dream job is to be a police women and why because so i can help heaps of people like save the world and so i can be a hero and also help the community stay safe and my 2nd one is to be a scientis at a school and for me to be on i have to no my maths. 

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