The hospital

The hospital aint that bad because they give you lots of treatment to cure your injuries and other scabs. The most favourite thing i love about the hospital is there yummy food and drinks DELICIOUS!. What i dont like about the hospital is that they have to hurt you so you can get better I think so?, anyway the reason why Im talking about the hospital is because I was in the hospital during my school holidays(2014)  for three days because I had a big swollan face, And NO! its not funny, so thats my blog about the hospital :)

Mt Albert pools

spalsh spalsh yay thats all I heard in the holidays when I was at Mt Albert aquatic centre. (I was at Mt Albert pools because my sister patricia works there so i was pretty much there for like 7 hours. Iknow your probaly wondering why I was there for 7 hours, well I was there for 7 hours because my sister started at tweleve and finished at seven so we thought we might as well just stay ther with my sister. At the pools I went with my 6 boy cousin so i was the only girl, which is cool because they were super funny and cool to me. After about 5:00 we were the only people in the pool besides this other family that was there. At the end of the day i was pretty happy that I went with all of my cousins. ^.^

new levi

Hi my name is levi and im  new in room 20.

i am 9 years old im the only boy in room 20.(besides mr dawson)

i like room 20 because its fun

Jump Rope For Heart…

Jump rope for heart

Wow what a blast we had on Friday, as we done a lot of amazing skipping for JRFH National Heart Foundation.

Music, Oh My Gosh the music was like you know not our type of music. It was all like old school. Nah jokes our DJ was the meanest (In a nice way.) plus he was the organiser who organised everything. He was also our fantastic and amazing teacher and our host Mr Dawson. There 10 stations there was gutter board, double Dutch, Fancy, egg beater, stamina and 5 more.

Well our day on the 29th of august was so amazing cause at the end of the day everyone was pretty much puffed out.


Jump Rope for Heart

On Friday the 29th our school had the best day ever. Clendon Park participated in Jump Rope for Heart and fundraise a gold coin donation for the National heart foundation but, some of us girls didn’t even bother to pay a gold coin for cancer society because they rather spend it on junk food instead. Anyways everyone has a group number from 1 to 10.

The group names were Art, Gutter Board, Pairs, Stamina, Double Dutch, Video, Long Rope, fancy, Group Skipping and Freestyle.

My best one is the one that I’m really good at is probably Double Dutch (YEAH)

I didn’t actually do very well at egg beater and gutter board it was complicated for me to do honestly.

Everybody had a great time for the day awesome fun and happy smiles.

The end :)

Jump Rope For Heart

On Friday was a fun day for our school we had Jump Rope For Heart. No work for a whole block. It was magnificent being the leader of our team, it’s like being a teacher but just making shore our juniors are not just doing other things.

In the first block I and Rahera were taking photos for the newsletter/ blogs it was great until I wanted to go and play double Dutch. There were 10 sections.

1.The art section

2.Pair skipping



5.Group skipping

6.Double Dutch

7.Gutter board


9.Fancy skipping

10.long rope

The art section was the only thing I found challenging I went through papers and papers just so that my one could be the best and yes I like being competitive

But at least we had a super duper enjoyable  day.


Jump Rope For Heart.

Jump Rope For Heart was great; it was an enthusiastic day skipping for the first block, second block and third block.

A friend and I (Rhoda) were the photographers. We took photos of people who enjoyed skipping on Friday. It was a very sunny day.

The purpose for this event was to support and raise money for the National Heat Foundation which my school participated in.

There were ten skipping stations, there was a station where you had to draw about the JRFH, and there was a station where you had to double Dutch, and other fun ones too.

This was ALL for the National Heart Foundation. Supporting ill people with heart conditions is something that makes me feel helpful and I enjoyed every second supporting.

Jump Rope For Heart.

Jump Rope For Heart.

On Friday, our school participated in Jump Rope For Heart. The purpose of JRFH was to raise money for the National Heart Foundation.

We did it because we wanted to let the people with heart conditions know we care.

It was funny how Mr Dawson played all these old songs that we’ve never heard of before. I haven’t even heard of the people that sang most of those songs.

The stations were pretty much the same, but at the same time also different. The best part for me was the video because you got to sit down & relax, watching people skip for you. It was like a break station (I guess that was the whole point of the video). But at the same time the people in the video were showing us new tricks to do with the ropes.

We had 10-7 minutes at each station. There was this one station where you had to get your whole team in one big purple rope but my team was different. We played Mississippi instead & didn’t even manage to get our whole 14 people in. We just got 6 students in & they were all seniors.

But over all my favourite part was when I was skipping by myself with a red rope that can only fit ONE person in it, but then….. Christina jumped in the rope from the front & Tiana came in from the back and what do you know? We were skipping at the same time with one small rope, I mean all three of us & trust me we aren’t that skinny either. It was such a fantastic day for me. & people say “Skipping with a small rope & having three people in it is impossible”. Nothing’s impossible.

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