Nationals here we come for 2015


Night before

Well, well, well it was the night before our big day were everybody just wanted to stay up and talk because we were all exited and I thought well they will be tired in the morning but after about 10 minutes later we were all fast asleep lol.

In the morning

Waking up that morning and having a awesome breakfast prepared for us was amazing. We had pancakes, baked beans, cold toast and a hot Milo to top it off. After we had cleaned up all our mess we than had to go back into the whare. In the whare we had a top drop meaning a run through our brackets.


A little more info

Unfortunately I did not make it to the front row and I was a bit sad because I wanted everyone to see me but oh well I still have 2015 to make it to the front.


Getting prepared


As you may no that there are a lot of drama queens in our class and their was a lot of OMG I look so pretty and can you not touch but any way I just worried about myself. Their were certain things we had to put on us like our puipui ,poi ,patu, kakahu, feathers, tipare, make up and off course our moko and by the end of all of this we all looked stunning.

Last touch ups

We made sure our hair still was in place and our makeup did not smudge and then after all of this we were ready to go….

Arriving their

A man came out and told us to go into their school hall and let all our emotions out so we went their then we got told to go to another room to put our belongings in their so we did.

Time to perform

Yes it was that time of the day were we had to finally go on stage and give our all. Our cool kaitatiki tane ko Rehia me te kaitatiki wahine ko Jessie-mya. Yay we were on stage at last. Being on stage was amazing because not many other people get the chance to do this.

Prize giving

Making our way back to school was not much fun at all it was very boring……

Finding out the news that we made it to nationals was very awesome and man if you were their to see the big cheesy smiles on our face I think it would of made your day it was also very funny because we rushed into the wharekai  and told the parents the news and they were yelling their heads of like nothing and all of the students were having a big party in the whare.

Thank you

A big thank you to Whaea Matina Matua Richard and Koka Kylie for all their hard work and for all the hours they put into the bracket and for making it a success on the day.


We placed 6th place which i thought was awesome and we were the only group in Manurewa to make it to nationals.



“Wake up, wake up”. Whaea Matina says. We all woke up like OMG it’s the day of regionals. When everyone had woken up and had their moments, we had to Get dressed, Put our beds away, go toilet and have a drink. Because when we had our kakahu on and we were ready for hair and make-up you were not allowed to go outside, have a drink or go toilet. When we had put all of our beds away we had a paramanawa (break). About 20 minutes later Breakfast was ready (YAY cause I was really hungry). After breakfast it was full on, yes I was time to get ready. There were people freaking out because they couldn’t find there kakahu or toanga.  After we had all of our make up on and we were ready to go. We all hopped in the bus and rode off Te kura kaupapa a rohe o mangere. When we arrived at the school we went to the school hall where we were able to practise. About one hour later all I hear is Te whanau awhina your on in five. As we headed to the ramp with my heart beating out of my chest we see the group before us walk off. We walk on I see a crowd of almost 2,000 people I wanted to faint but I didn’t. When we started singing I could hear my family yelling out my name. And in a blink of an eye our coral was finished. Ohh noo I forgot that I had to do my karanga ……..My heart is racing but I realized if I did it were might make it. So I put my pieces back together and started………..In my mind im so pleased that I did that. 25 minutes had past and we are finishing off our whakawatea. Wooooo, yay, go my baby. We walk off yay we made we are all so happy. I look at the tutors and they look happy.


tune in to see if we made it.


Top drops all the time over and over again, growling” s here and there, sweating hard out from the hard work we have done.

Kapahaka was amazing and hard working too, we done lots of stage checks to see if the stage was alright for regional” s  .

The 3 tutors me and the other kaea went to a powhiri in Mangere at Te rohe o Mangere kurakaupapa Maori, The powhiri was pretty boring.. no it was boring but it wouldn’t be boring if I knew some songs but I didn’t, After that we  stopped at a shop for a feed one of the tutors were hungry so we all got some pies, then we headed back to school.

On Friday night we stayed over at school because the next day was the day of regional” s. What we done over night was top drops most of the time, and had a yummy feed and went to bed early.

The next day I was really nervous because I’m in the front row and I i”m the one that is going on stage first was really nervous,But before we would even go there we had to put our kakahu on and get ready to perform, As soon as we entered that bus everybody was excited I could tell because everybody was talking about things that don’t even exist.

Before we hit the stage our whanau had a karakia to give us strength when we perform, off we went onto that stage cracking hard out we had a great time and the happy thing Is we made it to nationals I was so happy (:


Omg, what an amazing day I had on Saturday. Just watching Te Whanau Awhina was an excitement. As I was walking in all i heard was “Te atua kaharaua.”  Oh my gosh this is my school. “Woo go Te Whanau Awhina.”  My sister Miracle shouts.                                                                                                                                               “What an amazing performance that was” I said to Losanna. Losanna and I were just walking around with Whaea Oronsay wanting to see Te Whanau Awhina group but as soon as we got to the funny orange thingy all we hear is “Hold up sorry your not aloud in there. whaea oronsay says,” sorry i’m the kaiako and i have there clothes in my bag.                                                                                                                                                                                            So thats me and Losanna just walking around, watching the other groups, sitting under some random tent that Koka Reene, Miss Mangawa and Miss Manuele found. So I left Losanna and went to watch. A couple of hours later Te Kura Kaupapa Maori a Rohe o Mangere came up everyone just sat and watched them.                                                                                                                                  In the middle of it it starts to rain. So we put the shelter over us and all you hear is Rahera say “I cant see.” So she hopes out of the shelter and sits in the rain. I said to Rahera “Wow I’ve never seen you sit in the rain for anyone before.” So she replied back ” There really good its hard not to.                                                                                                                                                                                After that it fells like its haling so Koka Kylie ( Only one of our kapahaka tutors ) say hope in the bus. The kaeas and the 3 tutors Matua Richard, Koka Kylie and Whaea Matina stay behind. while were waiting for them at school we were playing Tima Tama Hare and skits. but at the last minute my mum comes and all you know is i’m having dinner and Boom i’m asleep.                                                                                                                                                                                              The End.


what kapahaka looked like on monday

on Monday,i woke up to get ready for school because i thought we had the morning in the Marae.But we didn’t because there was a change of plans.But in stead we went into the hall to watch Te Whanau Awhina kapahaka group preform.I liked the part when they were singing karanga mai ra. But they were really awesome especially when they came 6th place.

kia pai t.w.a kapahaka group

Kapa Haka

A lot of practices were put into our (Kapa Haka Group) bracket. We had practices on the weekend, during school holidays and we even had to sleep at school sometimes just to practice harder and harder.

On the very day we (Kapa Haka Group) did our first step on that stage was for the rehearsal, we had ten minutes, but we got extra. The Scool with the awesome stage was Te Kura Kaupapa O Rohe O Mangere.

When we really had to go on, you could hear the crowd, screaming… I could feel butterflies creeping in me, making me feel all tingly and exited (but nervous) to perform. *Ko Taitatake wahine, Jessie-Mya Ko Taitataki Tane, Ko Rehia Henare Heke… (Claps) *Ho mai te pakipaki mo Te Whanau Awhina (claps).

I was terrified, but I knew that we would do good. I put my top efforts into Kapa Haka and I guess everybody else did because…

WE MADE IT IN TO NATIONALS! Placed six, good enough. Especially if we were a group out of 19+ groups.

life at kura

Oh my gosh, to be honest life at school was pretty boring when half of the class always leaves to go to practise for kapa haka –regionals.

All we did was play on computers not saying thats not cool or unpleasant or any think.

But it’s just not the same when half of your friends have gone out of the class room.

Anyways, l had fun laying on the ground watching DIY (do it your self)

Videos like all day. I might have watched the same video a few times but I didn’t really mind cause I was slowly putting myself to sleep.

But to be honest watching the kapa haka group preform was awesome they looked so cool cause they where all dressed in there up in there kapa haka kakahu, they looked pretty. All there hair was looking nice they where all holding themselves up like young ladies. And don’t get me started on the bos they looked feast and ready to show everyone what they got . All there tamoko on there chest and face look honestly cool.

Sometime I mean all the time I wish and regret dropping out of kapa haka.

why i didn’t join kapa haka?

well… i didn’t join Kapa Haka is because i got told you had to come in every Saturday’s and because my family had a kapa haka group and i had to go to my family kapa haka practice’s and we also finished at like about 6.00 we started at 4.00 . And because i have finished kapa haka at that time i could not make it to our school kapa haka . when we had to go home i will feel a bit disappointed in myself for not trying to leave at 5.00 to come to school practice’s ,but when we have kapa haka at school i don’t wanna be in the Ropu because i have missed out allot of Waiata and haka and stuff.But when i see the other girls practicing on the things they need to fix up i just watch and learn so i know just a inch of something they have been practicing on during school and the weekend times .

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