I make it to the finish line

My muscles are hard and my heart is beating so fast it can’t catch up

My head is pounding and I don’t remember what happened

But I got a feeling that it was something AWESOME

Sprinting was the solid thing in my life.

Dimante Poem



Competitive, Titleholder,

Splashing, Falling, Swift,

 She won SECOND place,

  Swimming, freestyling, energizing

Healthy, Natural


By Jordan & Kyoto

Diamante Poem


Brave, positive

Shooting, amazing, inspiring

She always gains success

Bouncer, thrower, catcher

Unique, helpful, trustworthy


By: Tamara and Charidee.

dimante poem

Cathrine Latu

Goal Shooter

Swift, competitive

Shooting, winning, passing

Never missing a goal

Acing, scoring, competing

Athletic, healthy

Champion :)

By: Serenade and Christina


diamante poem

Valerie Adams

Energetic, enormous

Inspiring, lifting, astonishing

Valerie Adams is powerful Overwhelming, fascinating, ravishing

Elegant, pleasant


by Oriwa and Tj

diamante poem / valerie adams


                    Inspiring, Energetic,

                        Astonishing, overwhelming, astounding

               She’s a medal winner,

                 Dazzling, Incredible, speeding,

                Majestic, Grand


Kapahaka at lab tests


Today at school a group of the Te Whanau Awhina yr 7 and yr 8 went to Lab tests to perform for Te wiki o Te reo Maori( the Maori language week). 


MY heart is pounding out of my chest as we walk on the stage(well sort of just the cafeteria). My smile is as big as a mountain and i cant believe i’m here. um… that sounds a bit overboard for lab-tests let me start that again.

Real story

When were all at school at the start of the day its pretty laid back until 9:30 when we had to get all ready and look beautiful(well its not like we needed to do anything then). so when we had our kakahu(dress) on we had to put on our puipui all by our self. I know it sounds easy but its not if you have no idea what it even is. But since I do it was no problem, the only hard thing was to help the other kids even the boys. 1 hour later. when everyone was done we went through our bracket a couple of times and fixed up a few things we were so not ready to perform. people were forgetting the timing(me) and forgetting the actions(me again) and weren’t doing the takahia(me again), The good thing was i wasn’t the only one. when we finally finished it was morning tea and we were NOT allowed outside unless we were going toilet otherwise don’t step outside the doors. as soon as all the teachers left all the kids got up and mucked around and played with the rakau and and and. (ringggggggggg)the bell went, all the kids quickly cleaned up, put all the rakau back and hoped in our lines. 10 minutes later. we were all in the bus and instead of  two people to a two seated seat it was 3 to a seat and man that was uncomfortable if your in the middle. about 15 minutes later we arrived at lab tests and we were welcomed by a lady who’s name i forgot but yea. when we walked through the doors of lab tests it smelled like the hospital but i didn’t care because my heart was bounding out of my chest because i was so nervous , I was even more nervous when we actually went on stage. when we went on stage we had a small powhiri and after that it was straight into it. The first song we did was Te Atua. That was so different then our practice we so pulled it off. then we did pipiwharauroa, next the Haka and wow for only like 10 boys it was pretty amazing. last but not least whakamoemititia. a few minutes after that they gave us a kai of chips, sandwiches and carrot cake, it was so yummy. after that we did a waiata tautoko and went back to school.



Crazy looms and how it effects my teacher at school.

Wow their is a new popular thing at school want to know what it is yeah it is the crazy loom bands. Our teacher really hates them and he tells us nearly every day DONT WEAR THOSE ANNOYING BANDS AROUND YOUR WRIST OR ELSE I WILL TAKE THEM OF YOU and what does our class do….. yeah they still wear them and im like hahahha nek minute mine gets tackin of me and im like dammm it. Mr Dawson has a whole pile of them in his cupboard from people who do not obey his rules.TBH I am a really big fan of them and I wear  them nearly every single day. These bands are also really really really distracting and guess what….. you can make and do like 1 million or so things out of them. Its crazy because all of our class wears them and its so random. One of my class mates brang a whole packet of bands (not made) to school and out the door her bands went. I was like what a absoulute waste of money. He’s sooooooooooo Sad with a capital s because he can be nice and give them another chance but other times he just takes them of them and either tells them he’ll throw them out (in the bin) or we have to get a parent to come and get them. He specifically said that he will tell our parents the reason why he confiscated them.


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